Award for Literature 'Protagonista Jove'

The ClijCAT holds the Award for Literature ‘Protagonista Jove’ (Young Protagonist) with the aim of stimulating imaginative reading in children.
With this goal, a team of experts in children´s literature select eight books in Catalan, four for each age group, and present them to all secondary education centres and libraries in Catalonia, the Balearic Islands and the region of Valencia.
The selection is taken from books published between July of the previous year and June of the year in which the awards are held.
The objective of the Award for Literature ‘Protagonista Jove’ is for as many young adults as possible to read the selected books.  They then form a jury in each school or library where they present and defend the books in front of their peers and the book which seems the best to them is chosen.  The idea is for the young adults´ voices to be heard, giving them an opportunity to act as juror with consequences beyond the school and the library.

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