il·lusrtració Mayte

Weeks of children´s and young adults´ books

The Setmanes del Llibre Infantil i Juvenil consist of a series of exhibitions which travel to the libraries in Catalonia. These thematic exhibitions originate from the Children´s and Young Adults´ Books Salon and present an introduction to the world of books from different points of view.
In 2000, the first Setmanes del Llibre Infantil i Juvenil were organised in 14 towns in the Ponent region. The success of the activity spread the event to the Ebro, the Girona and Tarragon regions and the municipalities of Barcelona. ´Setmanes´ is currently held in more than 80 Catalan towns.

Clijcat. Consell Català del LLibre Infantil i Juvenil. clijcat@clijcat.cat
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